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Marathon Training Plan Resources and Reviews


Originally from Norway, he spent his high school and college years in the United States, where he trained and ran with the University of Indiana. From there he went back to Norway and represented his country in elite races ranging from the World Championships to the Olympics in a variety of distances.

He has been exposed to elite runners and their training regimens in both Kenya and in Italy, and even has pursued a medical degree, providing him with unique insights into not only the biophysical requirements of running but the nutritional needs of the runner's body, plus the best injury prevention techniques.

He has used all of this experience and information to provide an individualized approach to preparing for the marathon that is suitable for marathon runners at every level.

100 Day Marathon Plan Reviews

Marius Bakken's 100 Day marathon plan
has received positive reviews from everybody from elite runners who report dramatic improvements in their times, to people attempting the marathon for the first time.

This is in large part because it is structured in such an individualized way; it provides a challenging program based on your specific finish time goal if you are experienced and looking for a new PR, and a more low key approach if you are beginner who is still concentrating on how to run properly.

For the new runner, the information on choosing the best marathon is invaluable, as is the guidance he provides on selecting a running shoe and the proper nutrition that is essential for fueling your training.

The program is also masterful at presenting a training schedule that transitions the beginner from a 5K training schedule, to a 10K and on from there so that the process is not too daunting.

For experienced runners the program provides challenging heart rate oriented training that pushes you to explore your limits.

100 Day Marathon Plan Download

100 Day marathon Plan is available immediately as a download, so runners who are eager to start their marathon training plan can have it in moments.

The cost is reasonable; for just $47 you receive eight different training schedules based on your desired finishing time, instructional videos, and access to a special marathon members forum where you can exchange motivational tips and experiences with other marathon runners.

Beyond that, Marius makes himself available for training tips, and provides lifetime updates on products and new training techniques, so purchasing the program is truly like hiring a personal training coach.

The program comes with a 100% money back guarantee that is good for sixty days, which gives you plenty of time to try it out and see if it works for you.

100 Day Marathon Plan Review


100 Day Marathon Plan Review

Whether you are a newbie who is contemplating undertaking his first long distance race or an experienced marathoner looking to make a dramatic difference in your time, the 100 Day Marathon Plan that has been assembled by world class athlete Marius Bakken has something specifically for you. Bakken's program is comprehensive, taking you through the process from the first step of choosing the proper marathon, to preparing in a way that is tailored to your ability and goals, to providing you with motivation, as well as valuable information on staying healthy and nourishing your body so that you are thoroughly prepared and injury free for race day and beyond.

100 Day Marathon Plan Marius Bakken

If you could hand select anybody in the world to help you with a
marathon training plan, you'd be hard pressed to find somebody better qualified than Marius Bakken.

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