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James Dunne is a sports rehab expert and trainer who concentrates on running technique. An elite runner himself, his main professional focus is the analysis of videos of runners; by doing so he is able to offer explanations of pain and injuries that runners are suffering, as well as corrective advice and training tips.

Neil Scholes is an expert on endurance; his area of interest is coaching and training for triathlon, marathon and ironman competitions, and he has an impressive list of qualifications, including participating himself.

Together the two have formed a consultancy that specializes in what they call the Kinetic Revolution Method, a comprehensive approach that combines the three elements of strength, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning and technique to improve performance and help runners achieve their fullest potential.

Kinetic Revolution Running

One of the services that Kinetic Revolution offers is a
running video analysis; the service is offered at a range of prices and levels of involvement, with the most basic being a one hour video analysis session at a cost of $30, and the most extensive service offering ten sessions that include not only the video analysis, but also technique coaching, running and strength exercises, and before and after videos, all at a cost of $400.

They also offer individual running technique coaching, running strength coaching and a variety of running workshops at several locations throughout the United Kingdom, as well as in the United States, Switzerland and Finland.

Kinetic Revolution Marathon

marathon and triathlon coaching that Kinetic Revolution offers are packages that are purchased for a minimum period of three months' time at a rate of $100 per month. There is no start up fee for the first assessment of a customer.

The fee includes an individualized training schedule, as well as information on nutrition, injury prevention and technique. Their personalized approach provides exactly what each runner needs based on the ongoing exchange of information between the coach and the athlete through Skype interviews, emails and questionnaires.

The interaction is constant, and provided at whatever level the individual requires and requests. In the case of the marathon training programme, the schedules are provided in two to four block increments in order to maintain focus and respond to the runner's progress. For the triathlon and the ironman training, the process is very similar.

Kinetic Revolution Blog

In addition to the personalized services that Kinetic Revolution offers, their website also features a blog that can be emailed to anybody who requests it.

The blog provides valuable information on strength training, injury prevention, running technique and motivation. The blog, as well as the service itself, is a favourite of elite athletes the world over.

Kinetic Revolution Review


The triathlon and marathon races are both elite sport events, and the decision to enter a race is not one that is made lightly. Whether you have made the decision to train as a first time runner or if it is your fiftieth race and you are looking to improve your performance or time, having the help of expert coaches can make all the difference.

Kinetic Revolution is a triathlon, marathon, ironman and running consulting group that has devised an innovative training method that provides all the tools any athlete needs to improve their time, extend their endurance, gain motivation and overcome injuries and previous challenges.

Kinetic Revolution James Dunne

Kinetic Revolution's headquarters is in the United Kingdom, but they provide their services to people all over the world via the internet and over Skype. Their coaching service combines the expertise of two professionals in the field.

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Kinetic Revolution Review